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Rune – Crystals

Runes are keys to the Universal creative energies contained in the Quantum Ocean. Each Rune unlocks a separate energy with all it's harmonic attributes.

Now, thanks to the laws of Quantum Physics, we can attract the runic energies out of the Quantum Ocean and into our Auras. What ever energies we carry in our Auras attracts our physical reality to us.

Like attracts Like. FA Rune is the energy of wealth. Breathe it into your Aura and you attract wealth into your life. So it is with all the Runes.

Crystals are very magical in their own way. They are conscious and exist in their own realm. Every thing in our physical Universe is a manifestation of an energy Matrix in the Quantum Ocean. Crystals have their own energy world within the Quantum Ocean and within their own particular Universe.

The main property of crystals is that they can be used as instruments for concentrating power.

The symbolism of the 18 Rune Futhork is based on the geometry of the hexagon and it's diameter. The power of the Quartz Crystal is also based on the Hexagon.

Put the two together and you have tremendous concentrated power. The ultimate power of crystals is achieved with their connection to the 18 Sacred Futhork Runes.

Ancient Rune Masters knew how to harness the energies of the World Crystal when working with the Runes. They even used the Hexagonal Crystal formed from ice and snow.

Each rune is a partial energy of the great World Crystal which containes all energies.

Rune – Crystal rituals and practices are very powerful. The secret of using the crystals with the runes was a long kept secret by the minds, alchemists and magi of the world. Karl Welz knows this information and you can go to his website and receive an introduction to these powerful practices.

If you look at a clear quartz crystal from the top, you will see the Hagal Rune. All the runes can be seen from different angles in the crystal.

The Sacred geometry of the circle, ellipse, pyramid and hyperbole can be found in the Cone. Sections of the Cone represent planetary, galactic as well as intergalactic orbits. They represent the energies of the Universe, from the Atom to the Galaxy.

To work effectively with Crystal Magic and Runes, you will need to make yourself a set of Crystals engraved with one rune each.

You will then have a powerful tool which will enhance your rune work in healing magic, and spirituality. For healing work you will need to know the correlations between runes and spiritual anatomy.

Rune mantras, Rune Yoga, Rune Meditation and Rune Breathing are enhanced by using Rune Crystals

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